Sure Happy It's Thursday or S.H.I.T. I Say



If we can have Thank Goodness It’s Friday (T.G.I.F.), why shouldn’t I be able to have Sure Happy It’s Thursday, (S.H.I.T.)?  Well, no body says I can’t so this is the first of my weekly blogs which will be known as…well, you get it. 

First, let me tell you a little about myself.  I’m a retired Army officer and I have a second career as a writer.  I have two mystery series in print from Black Opal Books and eight feature films produced from scripts I wrote.  For the last ten years I have been teaching Writing for TV, Films and Radio at the University of West Florida. That has come to an end in the last month since I left Florida and it’s hurricanes behind and moved to a small town in Georgia.

Why am I writing a blog and why do I assume anyone other than my family and few other old retired farts I knew in the Army will even read it?  Because I have things to say, questions to ask and occasionally some serious advice about writing novels and screenplays that you may find interesting.

Since I have sold both novels and screenplays I actually know what I’m talking about.  I’m big on credibility.  If you are giving advice, you need to know what you’re talking about.  If you’re teaching a class, you need to know at least as much and probably more than the people who are sitting, looking at you and taking notes.

I have never tried a blog before, but I did write a newspaper column once a week for two years one time, so I do know how to face and conquer a deadline.

On this blog I’ll share some pet peeves with you like: why do I always get behind a group of five people on the sidewalk who are walking five abreast? And who keeps coming into my hotel rooms and folding the toilet paper into little points on the roll and why?  How about when you attend a writer’s conference and meet an agent or editor, pitch to them and they ask for your project and once you send it you never hear from them again?  Can you turn your novel into a script?

I’ve got more questions, but I’ll save them for the next edition of SHIT.

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