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Book four in the Max Maxwell series is now available for pre-order from Black Opal Books. The release date to Barnes & Noble, Amazon and your local book store is 22 June 2019.

How far will the government go to protect one of its own and how far will that same government go to destroy one of its own? Max and Anna find out in the streets of New Orleans and the bayous and swamps where voodoo is practiced.


 DANCING IN THE DARK is one of 10 finalist for the Georgia Author of the Year Award in the mystery category. 

The book is the first in the Max Maxwell series. 

The second book, SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY was released on 7 April.  

Long Ago and Far Away


The Newest Max Maxwell Mystery

Available Fall 2018

The biggest secret of World War Two may be about to be revealed…totally by accident.  If the truth gets out, history may have to be re-written, counties may go to war, allies may become enemies and lives will be lost.  One of them is Max Maxwell and he is not happy about it.  He stumbled on the secret when his uncle, a WWII veteran dies and Max and his brother go through his belongings.  From that day on the fuse is lit and there is enough explosives to destroy Max and everything he holds near and dear.  He finds out what the United States government will do to keep a secret and how far it will go to destroy one who can reveal it.



Fair Game
By Paul Sinor

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Fair Game:

The Second Book in the  

Johnny Morocco Mystery Series


December 23rd 2017

Johnny Morocco is hired to "babysit" a prize bull at the Southeastern Fair in 1953. He finds that this is not a simple chore, especially when he has to defend not only the bull but his own life the first night he is there. The dead man's three brothers and their preacher father are looking for Johnny, while he is looking for his runaway cousin who may be a dancer at the "girlie show" at the fair. Johnny finding a love interest then finding and losing his cousin and a shoot-out at a local restaurant, make the second book in this series a must read.


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Max Maxwell:
Dancing in the Dark 


* I was just notified that DANCING IN THE DARK is one of 10 finalist for the Georgia Author of the Year Award in the mystery category. The book is the first in the Max Maxwell series.  The second book, SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY was released on 7 April.  The awards will be presented on 16 June.*

When a diving buddy of Max Maxwell's is said to have drowned in a diving accident, Max decides to investigate the death on his own. His friend, a high school coach, is teaching some of the age appropriate senior girls more than they can learn in the classroom. What Max finds when he digs into his friend's background, shakes the small community north of Seattle, WA to the core.

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Dancing in the Dark, has been nominated for the 54th Georgia Author of the Year Award (GAYA) in the Detective/Mystery category.

Sentimental Journey

sentimental journey.jpeg


The Second Book in the Max Maxwell Series

Now Available

Max is recruited by an old Army buddy who is running an intelligence operation in Washington, D.C. He is drawn into an international web of smugglers who are on the verge of sneaking a dirty nuke into the Unites States or perhaps Canada. A Canadian operative working undercover as a nun, a love interest who is being stalked, and an American agent who was murdered in an elaborate poisoning scheme all keep Max on the edge until he can sort out all the pieces of the puzzle before everything explodes around him.

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Johnny Morocco:
Wrath of the Dixie Mafia

Johnny Morocco hits Atlanta, GA in 1953. The former Army Military Policeman changes his name from McDonald and uses his military training to become a licensed P. I. Johnny's “office” is a pool room called Big Town in the heart of the city. His clients are the players and an occasional lawyer. Johnny's luck runs out the morning he comes into Big Town and finds a dead man lying on a pool table. With only Thomas the negro rack boy in the building, Thomas is the prime suspect. Taking on the mission of proving a negro innocent of killing a white man puts Johnny in the crosshairs himself. Only after he gets involved does he realize the crosshairs belong to the organization known as The Dixie Mafia

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 Operation Brighteyes

When proof of the existence of a live American POW from the Vietnam war surfaces, the unlikely source is recently escaped boat person Phong V. Quong. He convinces the American military of his story and credibility and sets in motion a rescue mission that requires him to return to Vietnam to lead the team to the compound. Can Quong trust the Americans? If they can send him back, why can't they mount the rescue without him? His life and that of his sister in Vietnam are now forever entwined with the fate of Captain Eddie Wilson, who sits and waits...


Publishers Weekly Review: Army Career Officer Sinor achieves authenticity...that really succeeds.

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B$ a Script Sale When You Don't Live in Hollywood

Congratulations! You've written a screenplay. Now what? Successful novelist, author, and produced screenwriter Paul Sinor shares his secrets to script sales success in this humorous and helpful book which gives you a peek inside the halls of Hollywood! Discover how to unlock the gates of the film biz from anywhere in the country. Learn practical, proven, easy to use tips and tricks for getting to the right people at the right time and know what to say when you get to them! Discover how to sell your script from Anywhere, USA.

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